Quick Shrink POF is a polyolefin shrink film. It is a great product produced with a co-extrusion of 5 Machines making it a 5 layer POF film. It has superior Optical transparency and actually shrinks with quite a low temperature for a PE based product.POF’s great advantages include and excellent machine performance its FDA approval for contact with all foodstuffs. Our speci cations vary between thicknesses of 12-15-19-25 microns. Quick Shrink POF has an Excellent Shrink Rate, Tensile Strength, Elongation at break and Tear Resistance, but it’s main advantage is the SEAL STRENGTH which is really unbeatable by any other type of packaging, in POF it is at 41 N/mm2.

With excellent clarity, Quick Shrink POF is a strong, biaxially oriented, heat shrinkable polyolefin film. Shrinkage is balanced and stable during packaging. It is soft, flexible and not brittle in low temperature after shrink. It  ensures your product to be better protected and it has a great Price/ Quality Ratio. Quick Shrink POF is currently the most advanced environmentally friendly plastic packaging material.

POF shrink film features:

High-resolution, glossy and transparent, great protecting properties. Prevents product contamination from dust, moisture and odor without affecting product appearance. Tough, light-weight, economical and practical.

Quick Shrink POF works great with our range of PRATIKA automatic Machines from Italy.