Our Factory

Quick Pack Pacific Co., Ltd is a vertically integrated manufacturer. The production process starts with the selection and purchase of quite distinct raw materials such as resin, soya bean oil, stabilizers, plasticizers, etc. All these products are then accurately mixed to obtain desired formulations. This is one of the great advantages that this company has: i.e. the possibility of controlling to the utmost detail what goes into the formulations of the films. Of course, mainly our formulations are standardized according to the different markets that we serve. Another advantage that can be seen with being vertically integrated is the flexibility to follow customer requests.

The Factory Tour can only begin in the complexity of the “compounding section”. Some pictures of this department can be viewed on this page. The output products of this business unit are PELLETS; images of these are also shown here. Each bag is weighed and all information is inputted into computers assuring tracebackability to the very top of the production chain.

The pellets produced in various colours and formulations are the raw material for the blown production lines. The pellets are melted inside the extruders and simply blown to particular sizes, this balloon is then cut and rewound following customer requirements. Every roll is checked for quality defects in 3 distinct areas of the factory, although the first and most important area would be immediately after production. At this point all rolls are weighed and clearly numbered for full tracebackability.

The Production stage then moves to the packaging business unit. All rolls are packed according to customer requirements and delivered on time.

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