Quick Pack Pacific is a leader in Asia for manufacturing CLING FILMS for all Food Purposes. We use Italian machinery and Italian formulations that follow European standards.The material PVC films follow strenuous regulations, which vary from north to south America and from Europe to Asia. Quick Pack Pacific manufactures following European regulations, which happen to be the most restrictive set of rules worldwide, therefore, this means that our formulations are accepted throughout the world. Currently QPP, sells in many parts of the globe and through our re-sellers we cover every continent.

Quick Pack Pacific manufactures different types of Cling Film, which can be totally customized according to different market requirements. Sizes, lengths, colours and thicknesses; all are tailor made to order. Thicknesses are gradually decreasing as new technologies are introduced. This also applies to length of the mother reels.

Quick Pack Pacific has more than 40 years experience in producing this product. Our specifications vary according to customer request. We can make the following specifications shown on the right


Thickness Minimum 7microns – Maximum 20 microns
Width from 10cm to 60cm
Length Minimum 20 Meters – Maximum 12’000 Meter Jumbo Rolls
Production Type

Blowing Extrusions Lines (Italian Technology)

Cutterboxes, Dispensers and Sliding Blades available