Our SOFT PVC shrink film is well known around the world, it has unique characteristics like high gloss and clarity, low temperature shrink and high slip. It will run on most machinery. Most PVC Shrink film in Thailand is Hard PVC shrink film, it is rigid and makes a crackling noise to the touch, usually it breaks easily and it has a major problem – terrible smell. Our Soft PVC Shrink Film does not have any of these problems.Quick Pack Pacific has experience in soft shrink film dating back to 1975; our main expertise is concentrated here. We are well known in the local Thai market for having the best PVC shrink available.Variations are with regards to thickness, length, colour, formulation, width, scent, food-grade or non food-grade and of course exterior packaging of the roll. Our Films can also be made as:> Centre Folded Film or> Single Layer FilmAsk for a sample, you will be amazed by our super bright QUICK SHRINK films.

Our QUICK SHRINK Film works amazingly with our Chamber Machines. Try it and you will be in AWE!